PureVita Sanitizing Disinfectant Spray-Ready to Use 1 Liter Spray

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PureVita Sanitizing Disinfectant Spray RTU is the only ready-to-use (RTU), EPA-registered peracetic acid spray on the market for cleaning, deodorizing, sanitizing, and disinfecting all types of surfaces. This product is completely chlorine-free and leaves no harmful or toxic residues. PureVita Disinfectant RTU is a broad-spectrum sanitizer that eradicates 99.999% of bacteria within 30 seconds of contact. This product has bactericidal/virucidal disinfection (99.9%) claims against the following organisms: S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, S. enterica, E. coli, K. pneumoniae, L. monocytogenes, Human Rhinovirus 42 (the common cold), and Influenza A (swine flu).

Previously only available to hospitals, animal care facilities, food processors, and large institutions.


PureVita Disinfectant RTU is an excellent sanitizer for a wide variety of surfaces including food contact surfaces. It can be utilized in a wide variety of processing plants including but not limited to bakeries, wineries, breweries, produce processing plants, dry environments, meat, and poultry processing plants. This product can also be used to directly sanitize raw fruits and vegetables.

Directions for Use

To Sanitize Non-Porous Food Contact Surfaces:

Spray surface until thoroughly wet. Alternatively, directly apply with a dry paper towel, lint-free cloth, sponge, or mop and wipe surface. Let stand 30 seconds then wipe dry. For heavily soiled areas, pre-cleaning is required. A potable water rinse is not required.

To Disinfect:

Spray on the surface until thoroughly wet. Let stand for 5 minutes. Fruit and vegetable use, thoroughly spray raw, fresh fruits vegetables, herbs, or spices with a liberal amount of this product. A water rinse is optional.


Read and understand the label and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for a complete listing of hazards, precautions, first aid statements, and storage and handling information. SDS are available from the distributor of this product. 24-Hour Emergency Response Line 1-800-255-3924.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 2 in

320 G / 2670 lb. Tote – 1 per Pallet
55 G / 450 lb. Drum – 4 per Pallet
5 G / 42 lb. Pail – 36 per Pallet
12 x 1 Liter Case 24 lb. – 36 per Pallet

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    I’m sensitive to chemicals in my house as their fumes are overwhelming. This stuff is great as it doesn’t set off my allergies and it kills everything.

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